Bartolius Law Office is a group of lawyers specializing in the field of legal representation. Nevertheless, we are ready to help our principals outside the courtroom as well.

Despite the fact that civil disputes and especially bankruptcy law, are in our wheelhouse we help clients in many other categories of cases. Our main practices are presented below. 


Our lawyers have been involved in judicial proceeding for twenty years now. This gives us valuable experience necessary for the effective strategy construction. After all, only practice gives an understanding of how the judge thinks!

But it’s not only that. We constantly analyze changes in legislation and case law, conduct scientific and teaching activities, publish articles, participate in conferences, which helps us in our main work. One can hardly expect success in court without strong theoretical knowledge!

Quite often Bartolius takes on unique cases where the principal’s arguments did not find understanding in the lower instances. Our lawyers are ready to represent the client (and have done so many times) in the highest level courts, including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. And if necessary, we will assist in cross-border disputes, including those considered in courts of several jurisdictions at once.

In the Project section you can find relevant information on our cases in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.