Civil law

Civil law disputes is a significant part of our business. You can say this is our strong point.
These disputes are related to the protection of private, rather than public interest (unless the state is engaged in commerce). In the Russian reality, this means that there are the best chances for a fair resolution of the dispute by the court!
But in order for the consideration to be really fair, each side should formulate legal arguments in support of its position…


Civil law is a science, not just a set of norms.
It has been developing during the millennia. From Roman lawyers to their medieval interpreters (including the greatest lawyer of the Middle Ages Bartolo da Sassoferrato, who the law office was named after). From postgloss to French codifiers. From German pandectists to the monumental German civil code, which has become a model for many European codifications, including Russian Civil Code. From national codes to modern unification projects, such as the Principles of European Private Law (DCFR). Generations of European lawyers, including Russian and Soviet ones, contribute to the development of civil law. But there is also a completely original system of private law, existing in the UK and the USA, and the Anglo-American legal science!

For Bartolius, the science of civil law is not an empty sound. There are seven candidates of science among us. We conduct research and teaching activities, publish legal articles, participate in conferences, seminars and round tables. And it helps us in our main work.
Without an understanding of general principles of private law and without knowledge of civil law doctrines, it is impossible to find your way in disputes about the sale and purchase of electricity or about rights to cryptocurrency!


Bartolius has solid experience in all types of civil law disputes.
We will help develop a legal position based on modern achievements of legal science. At the same time, we are not limited to the formal preparation of documents for the court. Very often, to succeed in the case, it is necessary to conduct complex examinations, gather and prepare a variety of evidence for the court, and we are happy to assist. Our lawyers will also represent the principal in the courts of any instances, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

Disputes in the field of civil law

— Assistance in developing a legal position
— Assistance in the appointment of examinations
— Collection and preparation of evidence
— Representation in courts of all levels, including the Supreme Court