Social responsiveness

Social accountability is one of the most important priorities of the Law Office. We constantly support numerous charity projects and promotions, provide legal services pro bono and help individuals.

Pro bono

Pro bono legal support is widespread in the USA, Europe, but in Russia there are still not many firms that provide their services for free.

According to Dmitry Provodin, Senior Partner of the Law Office, the moral aspect of pro bono activity is a powerful motivation for employees who are focused not only on salary and career growth, but also on the realization of deeper universal human values in the professional field. Pro bono also makes it possible to deal with a number of legal problems among individuals and organizations who otherwise would not be able to get legal assistance, which means that a number of major legal problems would remain beyond the scope of legal discussion.

A key area for Bartolius is providing legal support to the “Gift of Life” (“Podari Zhizn”) Charitable Fund for Helping Children with Oncohematological and Other Severe Illnesses.

The partners of the Law Office personally know the volunteer group that worked in the hospital with children with cancer and, when the Fund was created, became the basis of the team. Our employees took a direct part in the establishment of the Fund and defended its volunteers in situations when their activities were incorrectly qualified by government bodies. Today, the Law Office`s lawyers defend the interests of the Fund’s ward-hospitals in various disputes, help in its analytical activities and are promoting the idea of charity.

And in the most significant litigation, the interests of the Fund are represented by the Managing Partner of Bartolius Yuliy Tay. In addition, Dmitry Provodin, Senior Partner of the Bureau, has been a member of the Board of “Gift of Life” (“Podari Zhizn”) Fund for many years.

Another extremely significant project of the Law Office in the field of pro bono is legal support of the charitable fund «Pomosch», under the auspices of which the world’s first mobile application «Pomosch» was created to provide targeted and transparent assistance to those in need.

The fund’s board includes the Managing Partner of the Law Office, Yuliy Тау, and other representatives of the Law Office. More about the project:


The Law Office has an “Enlightenment” program aimed at publishing, supporting student and academic projects.


For more than 10 years, the Bureau has been actively promoting publishing. In this case, the Law Office partners are inspired by the personal example of the eminent lawyer and scientist Vladimir Saurseevich Em, who devoted himself to book publishing for twenty years, including the legendary series “Classics of Russian Civil Law”. The main stimulus for publishing is the desire to convey knowledge to Russian lawyers (both young and already experienced) and through this process to increase the level of both doctrinal and practical professional discussion. Sometimes the Law Office simply finances the publication of a book, but in most cases, the Law Office’s staff find the material for publication, translate and / or adapt the text, collect historical material, write a preface to the book and make an intellectual contribution in another form.

The Law Office supports three legal journals: ”Civil Law Bulletin”, “Bulletin of Civil Proceedings , and ”Russian Law Journal”.

We are the main sponsors of the Russian Law Journal, the only academic journal in Russia designed for a foreign audience. It covers the problems of Russian and international law in English. The publication is indexed by authoritative international bibliographic databases Scopus and Web of Science.

Bartolius is a partner and the main sponsor of the project on publishing a series of books “Classics of Civil Procedure” by the Statut Publishing House. Thanks to our support, a lot of books about great scholars in the field of law were publlished: M.I. Malinin, “Proceedings of the civil process” (2014), E.V. Vaskovsky “Selected Works of the Polish Period” (2016) and others.

Bartolius is involved in other publishing projects. In 2014, the Law Office took part in financing of publication of the two-volume edition “The Great Reform: on the 150th anniversary of the Judicial Statutes”. In 2012, a book written by D.V. Afanasyev “Filing a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights” was published . A full list of books published with the support of the Law Office can be found in the Bartolotheque section.


Bartolius is the main sponsor of the master`s Summer School of Masters of Moscow State University. The managing partner of the Law Office, Yuliy Tay, combines legal and scientific activities and gives lectures as part of master classes for students of the Science MSU club. In addition, the was published supports and finances the Academic Club of the Law Faculty of Moscow State University and the Law Institute ”M-Logos”.