Corporate law

What are the distinct features of corporate law? It governs the relationships between many people: shareholders, directors, creditors, etc. Many diverse interests collide in corporate disputes!

What are the implications of this?

This implies an important practical conclusion. Sometimes your own efforts are not enough to protect your interests of the minority shareholder from the unfair management of the company. But if your interests coincide with the interests of other shareholders, then it will be easier to achieve goal by joint efforts.

If a number of shareholders have suffered from the actions of the management, it will be easier for the court to recognize the fact of the violation. Not to mention that in this case it is easier to bear legal costs. This means that the litigator should attract other shareholders to the side of the client.

Since the class action is still in its infancy, one has to ensure such shareholders’ unity in manual mode. And consolidation of the interests of shareholders is a whole business process.
Bartolius has extensive experience in this area. Our lawyers will hold talks with all interested parties, usually passive shareholders (this is called “utilizing the resource of the swamp”), will help in organizing shareholders meetings.
It is very likely that if the shareholders act as a united front, the dispute with the management will be resolved out of court!

Shareholder interest consolidation

— Conduct of negotiations
— Attracting passive shareholders
— Assistance in conducting meetings

What if opponents don’t give up?

Then there is nothing left to do but sue (and we love litigation). Lawyers of Bartolius help in developing a legal position. It is also very important to carry out the necessary examinations (economic, etc.), to work with witnesses, to collect and prepare evidence for the court. Of course, our lawyers will also represent the client in the courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.


— Assistance in developing of a legal position
— Assistance in the appointment of examinations
— Collection and preparation of evidence
— Representation in courts of all levels, including the Supreme Court

And there is more

We see our task not only in protecting the interests of specific clients, but also in the development of Russian corporate law in general. We participate in seminars and conferences, publish scientific articles, involve the scientific community in the discussion of hot issues of corporate law.
After all, the solutions developed as a result of scientific discussion will help us protect the interests of our clients!

Scientific work

— Participation in conferences and seminars
— Publications