All classic solutions suddenly stop working when it comes to insolvency law, and then very different and much, more complex laws come into effect.

However, the specifics of bankruptcy cases are not only in the complexity of the arising theoretical issues. Sometimes it is much more important practical problems: to develop a unified position of creditors, to find hidden assets, to challenge shady transactions in time, to hold shady leaders liable, and so on. Alternatively, owners and business leaders will need to defend themselves against unfair accusations.

Therefore, we often need not just competent specialists, but real aces in practical jurisprudence!

Bankruptcy law is one of the main areas of specialization for Bartolius. Almost all of our lawyers are constantly involved in bankruptcy cases.


Lawyers of Bartolius will help the principal, who is the creditor of the bankrupt, to agree on cooperation with other creditors. Consolidation of votes will give the opportunity to appoint a bankruptcy trustee, independent of the management of the debtor company. This gives a real chance that the debts to creditors will be at least partially repaid!

We will help you find the hidden property of the debtor both in Russia and abroad, since we closely work with foreign law firms. And if necessary, we will help initiate bankruptcy proceedings in the courts of foreign countries, including European countries and offshore jurisdictions.

If there is a good ground for it, we will help bring former management to subsidiary liability, to challenge the fictitious debt of a bankrupt to people or companies associated with his former management.

Without all this, the real creditors of a bankrupt risk being left with nothing!


It is not always the case that bankruptcy is a result of cheating or incompetence. It just happens: entrepreneurship is always a risk.

Bartolius is ready to represent in court the interests of owners and managers of a business that has fallen into bankruptcy. After all, a conscientious owner (majoritarian of a bankrupt society) is equally interested in selling the property at the most favorable price and repaying as much of the business debt as possible. And managers are interested in not being mistakenly brought to subsidiary responsibility. If necessary, we will represent the interests of court-appointed insolvency practitioners unfairly accused of improper performance of their duties.

We cooperate with a large number of self-regulatory organizations of insolvency practitioners, with the insolvency practitioners themselves, appraisers, auditors. We can accompany the bankruptcy procedure, prepare an analysis of the financial and economic activities of the enterprise and defend it in court, make an audit.

Without this, the legitimate interests of owners and managers can be under attack!


As in any other cases, our lawyers will develop a strategy and tactics for conducting the case, provide the necessary examinations, work with witnesses, help gather and prepare evidence for the court.

We are ready to protect the interests of our principals in all regions and in all instances, up to the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court!

Bankruptcy Cases

— Consolidation of creditor votes
— Search for debtor’s property in Russia and abroad
— Development of strategy and tactics of the process
— Challenging debtor’s shady transactions
— Identification of fictitious debts of the debtor to affiliated persons
— Holding the management of the company liable
— Assistance in the appointment of examinations
— Collection and preparation of evidence
— Witness interviews
— Collection and preparation of evidence
— Representation in courts of any levels and in any region
— Solicitation in the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court