Power industry

One of the areas of our specialization is disputes in the field of energy. That is, disputes relating to electricity and heating. Several major categories of such cases are worth mentioning. First of all, these are disputes between power supply organizations and consumers (including industrial bodies) on the recovery of debts for supplied energy. With all the seeming simplicity of such cases, there indeed may be some complexity. What if, for instance, consumer’s metering device is defective? Then the amount of debt is calculated by the supplier, where the correctness may be the subject of enormous controversy.

Secondly, disputes between participants of the wholesale market for electrical energy. Such participants include generating companies, sales organizations, large electricity consumers plus grip operators responsible for the transmission of electricity. The disputes may be as follows: Who should bear these or those expenses? Who should pay for network repair? Who should pay for losses in the transmission of energy by wire? etc.

Thirdly, disputes about tariffs. Either regulated or unregulated tariffs may apply as circumstances require. That is, the same manufacturer may have different tariffs. Also the questions related to antitrust regulation are likely to arise. However, the size of the company does not determine everything: sometimes even a small boiler house can be recognized as a monopolist, if it is a sole producer for the whole village. Disputes around tariffs are very hot, because the question has not only a commercial, but also a social significance. Is the price increase justified economically, or do the power plants simply want to compensate their losses from illiterate business at the expense of the consumer?


Bartolius has experience in all types of disputes mentioned above. We are not limited to the formal drafting of procedural documents. In order to successfully resolve a case, it is vital to conduct the necessary expertise to collect and prepare evidence for the court. Our lawyers will also represent the client in the courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

Disputes in the field of energy law

— Development of strategy and tactics of the process
— Assistance in the commission of examinations
— Collection and preparation of evidence
— Representation in courts of any instance and region
— Solicitation in the Supreme Court