Construction and real estate

Disputes in the field of construction are very complicated. A layman will not be able to understand all those technical issues that arise in almost every case related to construction, not to mention legal issues.

Frequently lawyers, including judges, also belong to such “laymen”. So, for the successful solution of legal problems it is vital to attract competent technical specialists.

Bartolius has experience of interaction with experts in the field of design and construction of various objects – may that be housing, industrial buildings and engineering systems. But it is important not only to know the narrow technical aspects, but also to understand the construction process as a whole. Our lawyers have that understanding!

How to avoid disputes?

Very often, a dispute is cheaper to prevent than to win. This fully applies to construction. Proper execution of documents (timely execution of acts of acceptance, etc.) will exclude the vast majority of potential disputes. This will benefit both the customer and the contractor!
Our lawyers will assist the construction company in drafting documents in order to minimize the risk of potential disputes. In case of disagreements with the counterparty, we will help in their peaceful resolution.

Legal support of construction

— Assistance in the documents’ drafting
— Assistance in resolving disputes with the counterparty

In case the dispute still arose

As already mentioned, there are many technical specifics in construction disputes. We will translate the language of specialists into the language of law accessible to judges. Without this, an effective assessment of the situation from the point of view of the rule of law is simply impossible!
In construction practice it rarely happens that one side of a dispute is right in everything, and the other is wrong in everything. Each side has its own list of grievances and complaints. Our lawyers will understand this tangle and help the clients to defend their interests.

Lawyers of Bartolius will develop strategy and tactics to protect their principal, but not only that. It is very important to carry out the necessary examinations, to work with witnesses, to collect and prepare evidence for the court. Of course, our lawyers will also represent the client in the courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.


— Assistance in formulating claims to the opponent
— Development of strategy for the litigation
— Assistance in the appointment of examinations
— Collection and preparation of evidence
— Representation in courts of all levels, including the Supreme Court