Dispute Resolution

The core of the life of our Law Office is dispute resolution, which includes both court hearings and mediation outside the court room.

Litigation is our main specialization

But our task is not just correct drafting of procedural documents and appearing in court. The tasks of this litigator are much more diverse.
We will develop strategy and tactics of protection of client’s interests, conduct the necessary examinations (economic, etc.), work with witnesses, collect and prepare evidence for the court.

We know the distinct features of disputes arising out of various legal relations (bankruptcy, corporate disputes, etc.). Daily participation in the hearings helps us sharpen our skills and be aware of all the latest trends in case law in various types of disputes!

We have experience in handling cases in the courts in almost all regions of Russia, both in commercial courts and in courts of general jurisdiction.
Our lawyers will represent clients in the courts of all instances. We have repeatedly managed to have our cases forwarded to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation — both to the civil and economic boards.

And this is not the limit!

We are also successful in reaching the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.


— Assistance in developing a legal position
— Assistance in the appointment of examinations
— Collection and preparation of evidence
— Representation in courts of all levels, including the Supreme Court


However, the dispute may be resolved out of the court room too!
We protect the interests of the principal in commercial arbitration, including international one.
It should be added that the managing partner of Bartolius Law Office Yuliy Tay is the arbitrator of the Russian Arbitration Center at the Russian Institute of Contemporary Arbitration, one of the four permanent arbitration institutions registered in Russia.


— Representation in commercial litigation, including international one


But maybe it is better to come to an agreement?
Damage from a legal dispute (as a result of asset freezing and other actions) may be more substantial than losing the case. It often happens that for all parties it is better not to bring the matter to court, but to resolve the dispute peacefully.
Our lawyers will also assist clients in such matters. We will help you negotiate and reach a mutually beneficial solution.
Bartolius is also ready to act as a mediator, that is, an independent third party who assists in resolving the dispute when both parties that request it.

Out-of-court dispute resolution

— Assistance in negotiating with an opponent
— Mediation