Commercial law

Lawyers have fierce debates about the nature of commercial law. Some of them believe that commercial law is a part of civil law. In their opinion, commercial law regulates commodity circulation and the related legal relations where entrepreneurs are involved. Others think more broadly and consider it a complete synonym for business law, which generally regulates any relationship with the participation of entrepreneurs. If so, this should include contract law, corporate law, bankruptcy law, antitrust law, and much more.

One way or another, Bartolius lawyers are all commercial law specialists. For two decades now, our lawyers have been helping principals resolve disputes on any issues related to business activities.

You can find details about our practices in various areas of commercial law on the relevant pages of the website.


Lawyers of Bartolius will develop strategy and tactics to protect their principal, but there is more than this. It is very important to carry out necessary examinations (economic, etc.), to work with witnesses, to collect and prepare evidence for the court.

We know the specifics of the consideration of cases arising from various legal relations (bankruptcy, corporate disputes, etc.). Daily participation in legal proceedings helps us not only sharpen our skills, but also be aware of the latest trends in case law in various types of disputes!

We have experience in handling cases in the courts in almost all regions of Russia, both in commercial courts and in courts of general jurisdiction.

Our lawyers will represent the client in the courts of all instances. We have repeatedly managed to have our cases forwarded to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation — both civil and economic boards – when the lower courts rendered erroneous decisions.

Bartolius has repeatedly managed to have the cases forwarded to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. And after Constitutional Court pronounces in our favour, the judicial acts of ordinary courts can be reviewed.

Commercial disputes

— Development of strategy and tactics of the process
— Assistance in the commission of examinations
— Witness interviews
— Collection and preparation of evidence
— Representation in courts of any instance and in any region
— Solicitation in the Supreme and Constitutional Courts