Yuliy Tay was elected a member of the Council of the Moscow Bar Association

09 April 2021
Author: Natalia Pleskacheva
Mass media: Law Office news

140 delegates took part in the Conference.

During the event, a number of significant decisions were made, including the renewal of the composition of the Council of the Bar Association in accordance with the rotation procedure of the Council provided for by the Federal Law «On advocacy and the legal profession in the Russian Federation.»

Yuliy Tay, Managing Partner of Bartolius Law Office, was included in the renewed composition of the Council.

The Council is a collegial executive body of the Bar Association. The Council is elected by a meeting (conference) of lawyers by secret ballot in the number of no more than 15 people from among the members of the Bar Association and is subject to rotation once every two years by one third.

The competence of the Council includes key management issues on the territory of a given territorial entity.

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