Takhmina Arabova participated in the Magas Legal Forum

30 May 2022
Author: Natalia Pleskacheva
Mass media: Law Office news

On May 25-29, 2022, the first Magas Legal Forum was held in Ingushetia, with the theme being «Intersectoral Prejudice».

The main objectives of the forum are: professional development of lawyers and attorneys in an informal setting, networking, establishing a dialogue in the professional community, immersion in the colorful culture of Ingushetia.

The speakers of the forum were leading experts in the field of jurisprudence: Roman Bevzenko, Dmitry Grits, Oleg Zaitsev, Andrey Grivtsov, Evgeny Rubinstein, Madina Syunyaeva, etc.

The event was attended by the partner of the Bartolius Law Office, Takhmina Arabova, who made a presentation on the topic: «Prejudice. The ratio of factual circumstances and interpretation of the rules of law. The circle of persons — what are the limits of prejudice?» On the example of specific cases, the speaker talked about the criteria by which the prejudicial force of a judicial act is limited.

The practice-oriented report aroused keen interest among the listeners. The conference participants were interested in the following questions: How can the prejudice of an erroneous judicial act be overcome? Can the court give a different qualification to the contract compared to the one that has already been done in another case? Does the prejudice apply to the representative of the party?

The two-day business program included presentations by speakers and special guests of the forum, a series of master classes on improving professional competence skills, a discussion on the importance and practical application of the Institute of intersectoral prejudice, a presentation of a Legal Tech product for finding new customers, and a networking session.

The cultural program of the forum included exciting trips to the medieval mountain villages of Ingushetia, acquaintance with the tower complex «Vovnuski», a visit to the ancient mysterious Christian temple of Thaba-Yerdy, a private viewing of a play, an open-air picnic in the mountains and much more.

The organizer of the forum is Kaloy Akhilgov, the managing partner of the KALOY.RU Law Office.

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