Bartolius Lawyers Awarded Best Lawyers International Ranking

03 June 2020
Author: Natalia Pleskacheva
Mass media: Law Office news

On June 3, 2020, Best Lawyers international legal ranking published the results of the annual study.

Based on the results of this year’s rating, 7 lawyers of Bartolius were awarded individual recommendations and were recognized as leaders in 7 branches of law:

— PhD in law, Managing Partner Yuliy Tay — Dispute Resolution, Antitrust Law, Bankruptcy;
— Senior Partner Dmitry Provodin — Dispute Resolution, Bankruptcy;
— PhD in law, Partner Tahmina Arabova — Dispute Resolution, Corporate Law;
— Partner Nina Belkina (first ranked) — Labor and Employment Law;
— Partner Natalya Vasilyeva (first ranked) — Civil Law, Dispute Resolution;
— Partner Sergey Grevtsov (first ranked) — Technology Law;
— PhD in law, Advisor Anna Smola — Dispute Resolution.

For reference: Best Lawyers is the oldest international ranking of lawyers and companies, the first study was published in 1983. The Russian legal services market has been explored since 2008. Rating comes from the USA. Today it’s geography covers more than 70 countries. The Best Lawyers methodology is based on the feedback of colleagues who are respected among the consultants themselves and their clients.

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