Annual charity exhibition-auction Moscow Legal Art

08 June 2022
Author: Natalia Pleskacheva
Mass media: Law Office news


On June 9, 2022, a charity exhibition-auction of works by Russian lawyers will be held at the art space «Exposed». The purpose of the event is to help teenagers who are in a difficult life situation to become lawyers. The selected photographs and paintings of practicing lawyers will be sold at an auction. The proceeds will be sent to help those who are going to get a legal specialty.

Two paintings by Anna Smola, the partner of the Law Office, were selected to participate in the exhibition-auction. According to her, when choosing a profession, she was inspired by the example of her father. “In my childhood,” says Anna, “his field of activity probably seemed like some kind of magic. With the help of jurisprudence, you can change reality by your will – in any case, you can strive for it, make efforts. And sometimes the efforts are justified. Later in life I discovered that jurisprudence is not only the comprehension of magical rules, but also a routine. There are defeats and disappointments. But if you transfer your impressions and reflections to paper or canvas, the result is always an increment, the creation of a new object of reality. The process itself – partly meditation, partly scrupulous immersion in details – somehow reminds me of professional activity, but by completely different means and in a different direction. This switching makes the world fuller and brighter, and my life more harmonious”.

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